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In a saturated world of DJ's, Kohdi Rayne is no stranger to the dance music industry. As a professional DJ with over 4,500 events under his belt in a 17 year career, he has spent the last 5 years as the Resident DJ at the world Famous Village Pub. Notorious for his aggressive scratching, real time remixing, and turntable techniques, his performances are never short of fist pumping jump style energy! He has accomplished branding his name across California's coastal cities since 2008 as the CEO/Founder of The IDOLEYEZ DJs.
DJ John Paul is no second act either. Second resident DJ of the Village Pub and founder of Dirty Desert Entertainment brings a different and unique sound to the desert! Spinning the sounds of Hip-Hop, R&B, and dancehall, Dj John Paul brings the crowd together in a way not many people can. His love and passion for music shows with every show he puts on!
The upstairs loft is an entirely different animal featuring one large dance floor flanked by a large separate bar on one side which overlooks the band and dance floor down below, as well as an outdoor lounge on the other side where you can get a drink, dance or just chill. Whether you’re up or down, our Top DJs Rock the house seven nights a week and many themes to keep you entertained.

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